Founding of COA

History in the Making when the Condo Owners Association hit the Province

Condo Owners Association was Founded on March 2010 by Linda Pinizzotto who had a vision to create the 1st Non-Profit Association to represent Condo Owners and design a mechanism for awareness and representation in the Political forefront within all levels of Government across the Province of Ontario.

There are over 1.25 Million Condo Owners who need a cohesive united voice to represent them on many important issues. COA supports the development of its members and fosters a prosperous and sustainable economic environment while contributing to the quality of life in the condo community.

Linda's vision included a Condo Owners Association structure to include Divisions and Districts within each Municipality/Region having wards and ridings across the Province. Today she oversees COA Ontario, COA Toronto and COA Mississauga.

The structure recognizes the vast amount of Condominium Owners and embraces various levels of Government to represent them. COA Ontario is growing steadily with the strong commitment also from Directors Bob Coffey, Ex Chair of KPMG and Derrick Thomas; President and CEO of ITMayDay.  Condo Owner Volunteers and young adults for our internship program are welcome to help build COA across the Province.

Why Condo Owners need a Condo Owners Association

Condo Owners are facing huge maintenance fees because of the imbalance of the present structure.  The Condo Act has no proper governance therefore Condo Owners are facing huge maintenance fees, problem Board of Directors and a Condo Act that needs to be updated to protect their interest. There is a huge imbalance of the present structure which takes away the rights of Condo Owners and puts too much control in the hands of the Board of Directors therefore compromising Condo Owners rights.

The Condo Act needs changes and proper governance ie; better Tarion Warranty Coverage, government funded energy retrofitting plans, respect for Municipal height restrictions and no further interference from the Ontario Municipal Board; better building codes, specific property tax assessment strictly relating to condominiums, a government bond with higher interest rates for condo reserve funds and education standards for Condo Board of Directors. The act must include compliance mandates and fines as deemed necessary (as per other acts) to insure the Boards are in compliance to the Act and Owners are protected. We need to address the important needs of existing condominiums where prices are dropping and maintenance fees are way above the normal ratio to value. e need to review service related trades and create a defined price list for services.

COA Initiatives

  • Support Changes to the Condo Act
  • Meetings with MP's, MPP's and local Councillors in all Districts
  • Rally's and Discussions with Andrea Horwath, Leader of NDP
  • Discussions with Tim Hudak, Leader PC
  • Meetings with Hon J. Gerretson, Minister Consumer Services
  • Meeting with John Campbell, CEO Waterfront Toronto
  • Meeting with Go Transit and Metrolinks
  • City Official discussions and correspondence (Building, Zoning and By-Law Depts)
  • Discussions with MPAC - Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
  • Press, Media and Political Conferences
  • Newspaper and Magazine Press Articles
  • COA supported a MPP Rosario Marchese Rally at Queen's Park, Toronto