• The Condo Owners Association, also known as COA represents over 1.2 million Condo Owners and was formed in March 2010 as a non-profit Association to exclusively represent Condominium Owners in all Cities across the Province of Ontario.

  • The Association is supported and recognized by Provincial and Municipal Government to include local staff.
  • COA's vision is to be Ontario's most influential voice in the Condo Owner community and create an expansion throughout every province in Canada.
  • The  association is stewarded by a Board of Directors with a wealth of Condominium knowledge and considered the industry's most senior leaders, in Condominium practices, investment, financial and real estate.
  • COA is guided by the strong work of its committees
  • The association volunteers are composed of highly educated, dedicated and experienced individuals who strive continuously to increase the "value for Condo Owners" thru membership.


The Condo Owners Association has a highly recognized and very successful policy influence with all levels of Government to assist, promote and advocate a quality lifestyle for Condo Owners to include helping them towards a prosperous and sustainable Condo Ownership.



  • COA provides a united voice for Condo Owners
  • COA works with Government for changes to the Condo Act
  • COA supports better construction and warranty policies
  • COA works solely for the benefit of Condo Owners
  • Without COA Condo Owners have no representation
  • Condo Corporations can join COA on a building membership
  • COA is a non profit Association offering a $10 per year Membership to Condo Owners
  • COA is similar to the Teachers Association, Unions and other Professional Associations
  • COA supports Condo Buildings with good governance in compliance to the Condo Act