Tarion Studying Warranty Protection for Condo Conversions


At its Annual Public Meeting last night, Tarion announced that they are studying warranty protection for condominium co

nversions. The Ministry is very supportive of Tarion’s leadership in seeking to “level the playing field for consumers purchasing so-called condo conversions.” We look forward to supporting Tarion`s work and receiving its findings and recommendations this fall.


Tarion’s announcement



Tarion New Home Protection may be extended to Condo Conversions

Toronto Star Article:




Announces Public Consultation Process

The Condo Owners Association have had discussion with the Tarion Warranty Corporation relating to their Public Consultation Process.

They have informed us of the following:

"Tarion’s public consultation process is looking for input on whether builders should be able to provide homeowners with the latest version of their Homeowner Information Package through an electronic link in an email.  The permission given to a builder to send a HIP out by URL link is only in circumstances where the builder and homeowner have agreed that they want to communicate by email.  If people cannot or do not want to correspond by email, they don’t have to give the builder an email address and the builder would still be required to provide the HIP in a printed form or on a CD or memory stick. It’s up to the homeowner to decide"

The process is described by clicking this link and to participate to submit feedback



COA Concerns

COA is concerned about the various different nationalities and seniors who may not have immediate access to receive materials online.    We would like to hear your comments as to whether this would benefit you as a Buyer.

Send your comments to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it