CBC Condo Game is a hit

The Condo Game is a CBC documentary that examines behind the scenes of the fast growing Condominium market in Toronto, Ontario. Warning bells are ringing on certain building, construction issues and the first hand experience of some condo owners.


Linda Pinizzotto, Founder President of the Condo Owners Association is seen being interviewed about the potential long term problems and how COA can help.   She is also shown on her radio show interviewing a Condo Owners, COA Director and Mortgage consultant.  The condo owner had a very serious issue which caused her to lose her property because of extensive legal bills and a bad board of directors.


The Condo Game only enforces why it is important for all condo owners to register with the Condo Owners Association.  Condominiums are here to stay and owners need the political and strong voice of an Association.  The Condo Game focuses on construction, new build and deficiencies but it goes deeper than that especially without a Condo Act that protects Condo Owners.  


Click to Watch Condo game  -  http://www.cbc.ca/doczone?episodes/the-condo-game