Condo Owners now have a voice to represent them within all levels of Government.  COA stands alone within the Province of Ontario as an Association for Condo Owners.  Presently membership registration is made directly through the various Condo Corporations.  All Condo Owners need to approach their Board of Directors or Property Managers to join COA.   If your Board is working on behalf of your owners, they will because the cost is minimal cost of $1.00 per unit owner and we need to work together for important changes.

It has taken countless hours to form a mission statement, mandates and objectives, by-laws, membership drive, directories and database, financial reports and accounts.  Creating the structure was a huge challenge.  The birth of COA changes Condo Ownership and ensures a positive growth for the its future.  Today, with press conferences, correspondence and special meetings with Members of Parliament, City Officials and advisory groups, news articles, rallies and different meetings of key issues, COA is making headlines.  Internet and Website Specialty firm, IT Mayday has provided their outstanding techniques to design and structure all COA websites, forums, blogs and social networking.  The hard work, dedication and accomplishments has opened new doors for Condo Owners throughout the province.

The First Chapter of COA is COA Toronto has separate Districts to to coordinate with the local Political Wards in order to create a presence within the community.  COA Toronto has 12 districts encumpassing 44 Wards.  This structure was created to establish quality relationships with local Councillors, MPP and MP's of each Ward.   COA Toronto is fully supported by COA Ontario which comprises a structure of an Executive Directorship and various Ad Hoc Members. Creating a voice to represent Condo Owners can only be accomplished with solid communication and a complete understanding of the needs, obstacles and requirements of Condo Owners; and having a clear path to make a positive difference.  Toronto condominium living is a lifestyle and the fastest growing community in Ontario.




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