Without the Condo Owners Association and the support of ALL CONDO OWNERS, these problems will not go away. In fact, the Condo Owners Association was instrumental to open the "Condo Act" for Review. The Condo Act is the Provincial Legislation covering condominiums but it hasn't been updated since 1998. Please see bottom of page "Build a Better Condo Act" where COA is quoted on the Provincial Government website.

We are trying to resolve these issues with a "STRONG VOICE for Condo Owners when we:

  • 1) Provide Government with reports and recommended changes to protect Condo Owners
  • 2) Keep confidential records of complaints by registered Condo Owners to validate issues
  • 3) Provide countless reports, power points and advice with recommendations to several bodies of Government, non profit Associations and Stakeholder Groups
  • 4) Participate in property assessment, building codes, carbon monoxide detectors, intensification, storm water sewer systems, green energy and environmental issues, affordable housing, reusable energy and development discussion Groups


Condo Owners, registered with COA can submit their confidential compliant to COA by email. As a non profit Association, we depend on your registration. Condo Owners need to unite and support COA and remember, real estate values are affected by condominiums, whether you own a condo or you own a house. We are doing our best to promoted awareness and protection for all condominium Owners on long term sustainability and affordability of their condominiums.

Did you know.. Click to View "The History of Multi-Family Dwellings - Condominiums"

Let's work together

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Linda Pinizzotto


Founder President CEO Condo Owners Association































Condo Owners Association (COA) represents 1.3 million Condo Owners of residential and commercial condominiums. For years, Condo Owners had no Association until Linda Pinizzotto, Founded COA in 2010 to work with government to improve legislation and change the Condo Act to protect Condo Owners.   The Condo Act is self governed and depends on an honour system for Board decisions, there is no fining mechanism in place. COA forces the need for concerted action to deal with better protection, governance, accountability and to support long term sustainability in condominium ownership.

The Condo Owners Association pushed Government for reform to protect Condo Owners and COA's first major success was when the McGuinty Government announced a Condo Act Review to Build a Better Condo Act.  Please click on Building a Better Condo Act and scroll to the bottom to see Condo Owners Association comments.  COA is important to ALL Consumers not just Condo Owners because all Real estate values are affected by condominiums.

COA has a strong VOICE representing Condo Owners on numerous stakeholder groups, Consumers Council of Canada, Fire Marshall, Storm Water Sewer Systems etc. to ensure that the voice of Condo Owners is heard and respected.  Click here to see how COA protects YOU.

Condo Owners need to "register" with COA and help build the Condo Owners Association to be strong as the Ontario Medical Association, Ontario Teachers Federation, the Police Association and all other non profit Association.   Click to register

COA supports various charities and as a Condo Owner you can help.  We will donate $1 on ever Condo Owner registration to ALS.  Let's all work together to make a difference.