Condo Owners Association advocates change to the Condo Act since March 2010.

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June 2012 - The McGuinty Government announces Ontario would take steps to modernize Condo Act. Click for "Building a Better Condo Act" for COA quote on Government News report (bottom page)

COA Founder-President Linda Pinizzotto and Director Bob Coffey participate (by invitation from the Ministry of Consumer Services) as a Major Stakeholder in the full Review Process and have spoken at the Residents Review Panel. Our directive is to participate and provide the best recommendations for the protection of Condo Owners Rights.

September 2012 - Public Information Sessions identified a huge disconnect between Condo operations and the Condo Act therefore not protecting Condo Owners. The rooms have been filled with disgruntled Condo Owners who believe they are at mercy to the Board, losing money on value and concerned about potential illegal acts. Building a Better Condo Act is vital for Condo Owners rights.

Ministry of Consumer Services

January 24, 2013 - Canada’s Public Policy Forum (PPF) releases report to present findings from Stage One of Ontario’s Condominium Act Review.

The Condominium Act Review is a three-stage collaborative, public engagement process to build a better Condo Act by modernizing it to better protect Condo Owners.

Detailed information can be found on these Ministry of Consumer Services Links

First Stage of the Process Sept 2012 (completed Jan 24, 2013)

Executive summary and full report

Prepared by Canada's Public Policy Forum

The report combines the feedback gathered – starting in September 2012 – from:

  • 36 members of a Residents’ Panel selected from a lottery of 10,000 residents across the province to represent the diversity of condominium owners, owner-investors and renters
  • 25 members of a Stakeholders’ Roundtable broadly representing owner associations, developers, property managers, lawyers and others
  • Over 500 people who attended one of the Minister’s five public information sessions
  • Individuals and groups who sent over 400 emails and letters, including approximately 180 formal submissions.

The Ministry has invited comments or submissions until March 11 via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or by mail to: ONCONDO, Ministry of Consumer Services, 5th Floor, 777 Bay Street, Toronto ON M7A 2J3. These will be considered through Stage Two of the Review. The posted questions and reports of the findings are also on the Ministry of Consumer Services’ Facebook page ( however these will not be considered in the Stage Two review.

Contact COA

The Condo Owners Association would also like to hear your comments directly so we have some of your insight as we progress to Stage Two of the review.

COA welcomes Condo Owners remark at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

COA receives a number of complaints from Condo Owners which in turn provides us with more awareness of issues and concerns. We can affectively approach these concerns in the Stage Two process and develop recommendations to change the Condominium Act.This process is about protecting the interests of Condo Owners to provide a better mechanism of accountability, governance and compliance to the Condo Act.

COA will keep you up-to-date on the process so please stay tuned to this page