Condo Complaint Centre


  • If you are a condo owner and feel victimized and have no idea what rights you have. Do you regret buying a condominium and feel that you are mercy to your board, property management company and/or the condo corporation lawyer?

  • If you are a Senior citizen and own a condo, do you feel intimidated and are struggling to make ends meet.
  • Are you New Canadian/s who feels a language barrier and/or unfamiliarity with Canadian Law.

  • Would any Condo Owner/s feel comfortable taking their Condo Corporation to court and can they afford to do it?

  • Do you know about COA and how we have identified serious concerns from thousands of Condo Owners across the Province of Ontario

Most of the complaints the Condo Owners Association receives originate from Condo Owners and only a fraction from Condo Board of Directors. There are some from previous Board Members. To-date we have only heard from related professionals regarding their interest in the Condo Owners Association. We have not received any written complaints. There appears to be considerable concerns about self interest with service related trades in the Condo Act review because they have not taken initiative to help over the years although most likely would have been well aware/if not contributed to the problems. There were also a series of complaints relating to new construction condominiums which we have not included in this overview.

The #1 and #2 complaints are pertaining to Board of Directors and Property Managers. The #3 complaint is Corporation Lawyers

(1) The issues of concern on correspondence received include:

  • Fraud by Property Management and Condo Board of Directors
  • Proxy forgery by Board of Directors
  • Changes to By-Laws and using forged proxies to approve
  • Lack of communication from Board of Directors
  • Lack of transparency by Board of Directors and Property Management
  • Misuse of Reserve Funds
  • Special Assessments and no explanations
  • Increase of Maintenance fee and no explanations
  • Conflicts of interest with Service Providers
  • Conflicts of interest with Superintendents, Property Management
  • No bidding process by Board of Directors in awarding contracts
  • Board of Directors refusing to reply to Owner's correspondence
  • No notification relating to servicing unit ie. fan coil replacement etc.
  • Unauthorized entry without notification
  • Noise issues and other complaints are not investigated
  • Common Areas are not kept clean and sanitized
  • Smoking is not restricted, no notification to owners
  • Manipulations and deceit by Board and their supporting Condo Owners
  • Fees attached to unit for payment with no explanation
  • Implementing Rules and Regulations without notification to Owners
  • Abuse of Power of Condo Board Members and Property Management

(2) The reason there is apathy amongst Condo Owners

  • Fear of retribution from Board of Directors
  • Targeted by other owners on influence of Board
  • Smear campaigns if Condo Owner complains
  • Powerless and no way to protect their rights
  • Discrimination and slander
  • Harassment and defamation of character

(3) Condominium Lawyers prevent quality lifestyles according to Condo Owners

  • Threats, Intimidation and bullying by Lawyers
  • Unwarranted legal letters
  • Unjustified liens because address of service wrong
  • Unnecessary Power of Sale Actions
  • Performing as AGM Chair and preventing/intimidating owners from speaking
  • Endorsing illegal proxies and allowing them to stand for election
  • Preventing Owners from knowing tally of Proxies and breakdown
  • Lawyers endorse and assist dishonest Boards of Directions
  • Lawyers do not protect the Condo Corporation but instead protect their contracts
  • Lawyers will abide by Board of Directors decision although it's in contravention of Condo Act
  • Lawyers twist and turn Condo Act to serve the requests of the Board

The Condominium Community is at risk because of the above circumstances. Condo Consumers are not protected. There is a financial problem and no affective governance and accountability of Condo Board of Directors. Property Managers are accountable to their Property Management Company's and both are not licensed by the Provincial Government nor are they mandated by the Condo Act 1998. The Condominium Act 1998 is self governing with no risk of fines and/or ramifications for those who do not comply.


The Condominium Act 1998 needs a massive overhaul to protect 1.3 Million Condo Owners. We are expecting continued growth in the Condo Market and this Act needs to reflect on the past and present problems to create a long term sustainability for condominiums in the future. One would have to ask why services related trades; ie Property Management firms/associations and those relating to Condominiums have let this pass for so many years.