Condo Information


Condominium Information

The Condo Owners Association provides condominium information to help Condominium Owners and Buyers. Linda Pinizzotto, Registered Real Estate Sales Representative and Founder President CEO of the Condo Owners Association has provided COA with this condo information section. She is an Award Winning Realtor, Government Relations Chair and Director of a local Real Estate Board and provides consumer awareness on her weekly Radio Show 'Condo Xpert.

Whether you own or are considering to buy a low-rise or high-rise apartment condominium; a stacked townhouse or standard townhouse; a commercial condominium or land; protect yourself and read this very important information.


Condo Information

COA Power Point Presentations

  • Condo Owners Association Overview
  • COA Presents at Carson Dunlop Condo Event
  • COA Presents at Toronto Home Show - 2012 Exhibition Place

Condo Owners Association Submission to Ministry of Consumer Services

  • COA recommended changes to the Condominium Act
  • COA on Provincial Website - Building a Better Condo Act

Buying a Condominium - New Vs Resale Condominium Purchases

Explaining Condo Act

  • What is the Condominium Act 1998
  • Condominium Act 1998
  • Links to Condo Acts across Canada
  • Condo Private Members Bills & Law
  • Declaration or Condominium Documents
  • By-Laws of the Corporation
  • Rules and Regulations of the Corporation
  • Superior Court Rulings regarding Different Cases

Board of Directors and Responsibilities

  • Positions and Responsibilities
  • Qualifications of a Board of Director
  • Disqualifications of a Board Director
  • Director Resignation
  • Property Managers and Property Management Firms
  • Condominium Auditor
  • Condominium Lawyer
  • Concierge/Security Contract
  • Service Related Condominium Contracts

Maintenance Fees and Draft Pie of Expenditures

  • Maintenance Fees
  • Draft Pie of Independent Building Expenditures
  • Draft Pie of Share Facilities - if there is more than (1) Building

Financials of a Condominium

Turnover Meeting and Annual General Meetings

  • Turnover Meeting on New Construction (Condo Act 1998)
  • Annual General Meeting and Special Requisition Meetings (Condo Act 1998)

Voting and Proxies

Live-Work Condominium Units

  • Huge Problem with Live-Work Units
  • Contravention of Declaration, By-Laws and usage restrictions
  • Possible Safety and Insurance Risks when operating in non compliance to Declaration
  • How does it negatively effect everyone Owner in the Building

Condominium Insurance Policies

  • Insurance Coverage Building
  • Board of Directors changing Deductibles
  • Insurance Coverage Owner

Government Links - MP's MPP's Councillors Legislature

  • Canadian Human Rights Act Government of Canada
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities AODA
  • Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation
  • Genworth Canada

Superior Court Rulings

  • 20M Fraud by Property Management Firm
  • Superior Court fines Board Members personally

COA Video Presentations with Condo Information

  • COA Videos
  • Video Tips for Owners and Buyers
  • More Videos - Important condo info
  • COA Speaks Out
  • Live TV Interview on Condo Safety
  • Videos on Condo Meth labs
  • News on Condos

For More Insight into Condominiums

  • Condo Information provides everything you need to know about Condos
  • Board of Directors, Qualifications and Disqualifications
  • Property Management, Lawyer, Auditor, Concierge and Contracts
  • Maintenance Fees and Draft Pie of Expenditures
  • Financials, Operating Budgets and Reserve Funds of Condos
  • Learn about the Hydro Facts and Costs
  • Understanding Live-Work Units
  • Buying a Condominium
  • Buying a New Condos from Builder
  • Buying a Resale Condominium
  • New to Canada - Welcome
  • Consumer Protection when Buying a Home
  • Understanding everything about Mortgages
  • Explaining Condo Act and Styles of Condominiums
  • Condominium Private Member Bills & Law
  • Condominium Act 1998
  • Links to Condo Acts across Canada
  • Superior Court Rulings
  • Government Links
  • More Government Links


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