Condo Owners Protection Act

Consideratiions for a Condominium Review Board to settle disputes between corporations and condo owners.

Standardize declarations in plain english language so Condo Owners will understand their protective rights

TARION must include conversion condos to give buyers more protection.

Re:  Bill 186:  Condo Owners Protection Act

In 2007 and in 2010, a Bill to Amend the Condo Act was introduced but the early election prevented it from moving forward.


An Omnibus bill to amend the Condominium Act, the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and the Building Code Act was then introduced on Thursday June 4th.


If passed, the bill would:

  • Expand new home warranty coverage to include conversion condos (lofts) that are currently excluded from coverage by Tarion.
  • Mandate that Tarion resolve disputes more quickly and that it serves as a consumer protection agency.
  • Create a Condominium Review Board to: advise and provide information to the public about condominium issues and property management; mediate or arbitrate disputes; investigate the misuse of proxies on condo boards by developers; and collect and hold deposits from owners until all deficiencies identified in the performance audit are addressed (this would prevent “build and run schemes”).
  • Remove barriers that restrict a board from using reserve funds for green initiatives like retrofitting and solar water heating.
  • Update sound insulation and noise protection standards to ensure a more peaceful, quieter living environment.
  • Close the loophole that currently allows condo boards to proceed with expensive alterations to common elements (ie: windows, balconies and underground parking) without the approval of condo owners.