Condo Owners HELP SAVE Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row" is the name that has been given to a strip of restaurants located on King Street, in Toronto's Theatre District. These restaurants have been a well known area of the city for around 35 years, frequented by tourists and Torontonians alike. ​ ** Please click and register on the link below

For More Details on the application to amend the former City of Toronto Zoning By-law 438-86 to permit the development of a 47-storey building at 321 - 333 King Street West

We need Condo Owners to help support Restaurant Row and voice their disapproval to the Ontario Municipal Board. There is a total disregard for the cultural heritage of the beautiful buildings; a disrespect for our world famous restaurants and a lack of concern for over 70,000 Condo Owners and over 100,000 Condo Tenants who live or own in Trinity Spadina close to the Entertainment District. The constant demolition of beautiful buildings, restaurant and entertainment venues is drastically forcing Local Residents to make lifestyle changes. This wasn't part of the bargain when they purchased in the Entertainment district. It is completely unfair because many Condo Owners and/or Tenant - Residence bought or live in the area because they wanted to be living within steps of the district to enjoy the night life, activity and wonderful atmosphere where thousands of Tourist from all over the World come to enjoy. Toronto is known for its Entertainment District, our property values are influenced by these attractions in our area.