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COA stands for Condo Owners Association, non profit Association representing Condo Owners founded by Linda Pinizzotto.

COA Ontario has been launched with divisions across the Province to include 26 different cities.  If you are a Condo Owner or Condo Buyer    Click Here: You must Register with COA



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COA working with Allstate Insurance

SPECIAL CONTEST "Allstate Insurance Condo Hero Contest"

Linda Pinizzotto, COA Founder President Chair is one of the judges




Ministry of Consumer Services

Announces Mandatory Qualifications

for Condominium Managers


The Ontario government has announced that they are intending to introduce mandatory qualifications for Condominium Managers.  Many condominium owners and residents may be more familiar with the terminology "property managers" and "pro

perty management office" in their condominium complex.   These managers are not mandated to have training or an understanding of the Provincial Condo Act, condo declarations, rules and regulations of a condo, by-law and or other important information relating to the finances, building maintenance, operations etc. of a condo corporation.  COA is thrilled to see changes however condominium managers and management companies need to have a government licensing structure.  See Metro News


The Condo Owners Association (COA Ontario) is a stakeholder in the Condo Act Review.  The review consists of three stages.  All information of the review and links to the finding report can be found on COA.  Canada's Public Policy Forum has been e

ngaged by the Ministry to work through the 3 Condo Act review stages.   Stage Two began in March 2013 and Stage Three is expected to begin in fall of 2013.    Please follow COA Ontario for more details on "Building a Better Condo Act and take note of COA Submissions noting  a series of recommended changes to the Condo Act.  Unfortunately, the Ministry invited COA to participate on the Review but has not included COA as the Non Profit Condo Owners Association representing and advocating for Condo Owners rights on the Expert Panel.  COA has submitted a registered a complaint and are expecting to hear from the Ministry.

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COA is a Stakeholder in the Condo Act Review

Working/Involved with 4 Minister’s of Consumer Services since April 2009

  • Minister Soffia Angelinitis
  • Minister John Gerretsen
  • Minister Margaret Best
  • Minister Tracy McCharles
  • Deputy Minister Giles Ghersen


COA is gaining strength- Shout Out to Condo Owners and Condo Buyers - JOIN COA


  • 1) Ministry condo Act Review…. We are in stage 2 having completed stage 1
  • 2) COA Chair was Speaker at the Provincial Residents Panel as invited by the Ministry of Consumer Services
  • 3) Stakeholder in the Property Management Review with Homeowners Protection Centre
  • 4) Working in consultation with Dr. Randy Lippert  Professor of University of Windsor in 3 year study on condos
  • 5) Participating and involved with a film which will be launched in November
  • 6) Host of Radio Show – Condo Xpert - weekly on Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 p.m.
  • 7) Toronto Condo Review – working with TEDRA – Toronto District Residents Association
  • 8) Supporting Restaurant Row to save Heritage Buildings in Downtown Toronto and  noted on their website
  • 9)   Developing Corporate relations to provide special discounts and savings to Condo Owners who are registered with Condo Owners Association ($10 p/year registration)