Condominium Information and Benefits for Condo Owners registering with Condo Owners Association|COA Toronto

Why should you register with COA

  • Maintains a Registry of Complaints from Membership
  • Recognizes that Condo Owners have no where to turn
  • Creates a protection mechanism for Condo Owners
  • Creates public awareness of Condo related issues
  • Recognizes that too many Condo Boards have too much control
  • Works with the Press to keep Condo Owners informed
  • Works with Government for Changes to the Condo Act
  • Work with Government to improve Tarion Warranty coverage
  • Work with Municipalities for stronger Building Codes
  • Address Special Bond for Reserve Fund at higher interest Rates
  • Advocate Municipal Taxation and MPAC Assessments for Condo Taxes
  • Provide a Unified Voice for Condo Owners across the Province


Registered Condo Owners can enjoy Savings with Affinity Programs

  • Build affinity benefits, including: discounts and special savings through retail outlets
  • Strathcona Hotel discounts for nights stays
  • 15% - 30% discount on your purchase at the Brick Warehouse
  • COA also offers numerous benefits and savings for entertainment, restaurant and sports venues
  • Discounted tickets for Argonaut Football
  • Discounted Harlem Globetrotters tickets when in Toronto

Note: the above program will be growing as new affinity programs are developed


Does your condo have these problems?

Note: as per comments and complaints received

  • Over 1.25 Million Condo Owners in Ontario
  • Over 6,750 Condo Corporations and over 1,000 Commercial
  • What if your Board does not comply to the Condo Act
  • What if your Board lies to unit owners for personal gain
  • What if your Board changes the By-laws in contravention of the Act
  • What if your Board forged proxies to control votes or make changes
  • What if your Board refuses to provide you with Condo Documents
  • What if your Board has good intentions but they need more guidance
  • What if your Board is not educated on Condos enough to make wise decisions
  • What if your Board allows Property Management to sign on their behalf
  • What if Condo Owners are afraid to Speak Out



Our Provincial Government needs to recognize condominium structures and protect Condo Owners

  • COA is keeping a record of all complaints
  • COA identifed numerous complaints received from members
  • COA supports to mandate all Condo Board of Directors to comply to the Condo Act.
  • COA identified that the Condo Act cannot be a self governing Act as it stands today.
  • COA advocates Condo Act must protect Condo Owners / Condo Corporations
  • COA supports fines on Board of Directors; knowingly do not comply to Condo Act
  • COA supports licensing of Property Management Firms and Property Managers
  • COA provides representation across Ontario before Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government policymakers affecting the changes and protective measures for Condo Owners
  • COA speaks with a single, authoritative and credible voice for Condo Owners for media to play a strong part in Condo Owner awareness to include Television, Radio, Newspaper/Print, Community events and is able to address good and bad Condo building situations and the affects on Condo Owners and their real estate investment
  • Understands the problems of the Condo Act and the requirements for proper governance and necessary changes to the Act
  • COA provides numerous opportunities for our Politicians to strengthen and expand their personal and professional relationships for assistance with important and successful resolutions for Condo Issues
  • Provides access to the latest Condo research information, news releases and highlights
  • Provides awareness to Condo Owners of concern and issues
  • COA allow participation of committees to provide the Association and members the opportunity to work side-by-side with while addressing issues relevant to today's Condos.
  • COA has a resource of support from various other Rate Payers Associations