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Toronto Planning

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Condo Owners add concerns to the City List:


• access to green space, parks and dog parks
• recreational and community amenities
• parking (bicycle and visitor parking)
• childcare options in the neighbourhood


Development Concerns:

• better protection for existing condo buildings affected by new development
• Restructuring traffic plans from high density new construction resulting in major traffic jams
• liability and responsibility of claim requirements for New buildings affecting foundation walls 
• Building permit requirements and structure recognizing condominium structure, declaration, by-laws etc. before permit approval



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COA recognizes the face of Toronto and many other Cities have changed dramatically. Toronto's Entertainment District is at the forefront with major traffic congestion, limited venues where can appreciate the heritage and neighbour surrounding restaurants, clubs etc… limited parking and excessive traffic problems along Spadina Ave and Fort York. This area is transforming from an Entertainment to a central Toronto residential housing community. The infrastructure of this area has been compromised but is that what the area residents bargained for?

COA is happy to see the City of Toronto embark on public meetings but we also believe that the City of Toronto needs to have a full grasp of the situation. The problem Ie… limited due diligence granting building permits to condo owners and not recognizing importance of compliance to condo declaration, existing building foundation walls being compromised by new construction without any enforcement of liability, errors and omissions insurance for the existing building during the excavation process.


There is a definite disconnect between information processed from the City to the Condo Building – Condo Property Management Office and Board of Directors resulting in having the majority of Condo Owners left in the dark because the information is not getting to them.

COA endorses the Cities to create a better municipal structure for all Condo owners and condominiums on all levels. COA has their fingers on the pulse of the situation on all levels.



better protection for existing condo buildings who are immediately affected by new development
• Restructuring of traffic plans relating to high density new construction resulting in major traffic jams