These Sessions describe Ontario's Condominium Act Review

Many condominium owners believe these sessions allows them an opportunity to voice their concerns and problems, however these initial stages are only for the Ministry of Consumer Services to inform the public about the process.   To-date the attendance has been extremely poor considering Toronto has the highest density in Condominiums with well over 500,000 Condo Owners.  The session was held at the Central Library in Trinity Spadina where there are over 70,000 Condo Owners in this immediate riding.

The Ministry is holding these sessions across the Province to create awareness for their consultation process and a full review of the Condo Act.  It is an 18 month process and todate (December 1, 2012) the Ministry has completed their first phase of the Stakeholder Roundtable which consisted of Four (4) full day consultations, discussions and suggestions relating to the problems relating to condominiums.

The Condo Act is legislative towards Condominiums however Condominiums are the beginning steps of Real Estate and their values are negatively affected by the inefficiencies of the present Condo Act.  Property governance and mandates of the operations of Condominiums will provide stronger and more viable sustainable economy in Condominiums which will then be targeted towards enhanced value for homeowners of single family homes.    All Home Owners need to be concerned about the Condo Act.

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Toronto Public Information Session

Central YMCA - 20 Grosvenor St.  Toronto, M4K 2V5

Session I - September 12, 2012 - by: R.F. Lunney

An eCircular from The Condo Owners Association alerted me to an information meeting staged by the Ontario Ministry of Consumers Affairs at the Toronto Central YMCA the evening of September 12. I attended as a stakeholder and thought it could be useful to provide information on proceedings.

The meeting, chaired by the Minister Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing was intended for information - explaining the process for earlier announced review of the Condominium Act 1998. Details may be found on the following webpage:

The session was well attended and although the purpose was for information only, it developed into a fairly raucous affair. It is apparent there is latent anger among condo owners directed at developers, managers and boards of directors over a wide variety of grievances. The review, of course, is intended to identify and remedy the source of grievances through legislative amendment. Provincial representatives hastened to assure the audience that the review process would be collaborative, a step beyond consultation. There was hearty criticism of an intent to include condo renters in this collaborative process. In near unanimous fashion, the audience repudiated this intent on grounds that resident owners were the major parties suffering discrimination and lack of rights under the current Act. It seems, however, that the first part of the collaborative process is already underway and that renters are included.

A complex range of issues is included in the review. Representing interests closer to home, President and CEO Linda Pinizzotto and Director Derrick Thomas of COA Ontario were present and spoke to the issue of funding of Reserve Funds. COA is effective in supporting earlier attempts to bring about amendments to the Act. I came away from the meeting with hard copies of handouts from the Province and two other persistent associations lobbying for reform. Provincial representatives promised that progress reports would be published on the official website.