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Meeting of Owners by Electronic Means

5 The operation of subsection 50 (2) of the Act is temporarily suspended and the following replacement provisions are in effect during the temporary suspension period only:

Determination of quorum

(2) To count towards the quorum, an owner must be entitled to vote at a meeting and shall be present at the meeting or represented by proxy.

Meeting of owners by electronic means

(2.1) Despite any by-law, a meeting of owners may be held by telephonic or electronic means, as defined in subsection 52 (1.1), and an owner or a mortgagee who, personally or by proxy, through those means, votes at the meeting or establishes a communications link to the meeting shall be deemed, for the purposes of this Act, to be present at the meeting or represented by proxy, as the case may be.

Voting by Electronic Means

6 The operation of subsection 52 (1) of the Act is temporarily suspended and the following replacement provision is in effect during the temporary suspension period only:

Method of voting

(1) Votes may be cast by,

(a)  a show of hands, personally or by proxy; or

(b)  a recorded vote that is,

(i)  marked on a ballot cast personally or by a proxy,

(ii)  marked on an instrument appointing a proxy, or

(iii)  indicated by telephonic or electronic means, whether or not the by-laws so permit.

Service by Electronic Means

7 The operation of section 54 of the Act is temporarily suspended and the following replacement provision is in effect during the temporary suspension period only:


54 (1) Unless this Act indicates otherwise, anything required to be given to an owner or a mortgagee under this Act is sufficiently served if it is given in accordance with subsection 47 (4) or (5), as the case may be.

Service re meetings

(2) Despite any provision of this Act or the regulations and despite the declaration or by-laws of a corporation, anything required by this Act or the regulations to be given to an owner or a mortgagee in respect of any meeting under this Act is sufficiently served if it is given by electronic means.


(3) For greater certainty, subsection (2) applies even if an owner has not entered an agreement described in clause 47 (4) (c) and even if a mortgagee has not entered an agreement described in clause 47 (5) (c).

Matters and material

(4) Despite any provision of this Act or the regulations and despite the declaration or by-laws of a corporation, any matters or material required or permitted to be placed before a meeting of owners may be placed by electronic means.


(5) For greater certainty, if a form has been specified under this Act as the form in which a document or information shall be given, the document or information shall be given in that form with any modifications necessary to reflect changes to this Act set out in the Schedule to this Act.


(6) In this section,

“electronic means” means any means that uses any electronic or other technological means to transmit information or data, including fax, e-mail, computer or computer networks.

2020, c. 7, Sched. 5, s. 2.

Section Amendments with date in force (d/m/y)




Special Tribute for Kit Kat  
Al and John Carbone                                                                   

King Street West - Toronto, Ontario  416-977-4461

Legendary KIT KAT - CLOSED DOWN !! Goodbye Message

Where the Carbone Brothers were graced by the presence of many Celebrities and Royality over the years. 

It is so very sad to think popular "Kit KAT" and Owners Al and John Carbone  fell victim to COVID.  So many of our wonderful fine restaurants and other businesses have seen the wrath of this horrible pandemic.  The two brothers have been a fixture in the Community for almost 4 Decades.  Kit Kat with its wishing tree inside the restaurant  next to the kitchen made Kit Kat an incredibly unique restaurant.  This wonderful Italian Restaurant was the brother's identity through years of hard work and determination as they became one of the best Restaurants in the Toronto.  Saying good bye to Toronto has been extremely difficult when Al and his brother spent so many years, it was their life.  They were the Special light of the Community, customers became friends; friends become family over the years.  So many lives affected with the closing of Kit Kat Restaurant on King St. West Toronto.   Toronto Sun Article by Joe Warmington    

King Street Closure - Mayor Tory's Pilot Project

The King of Struggle is Covid but the wrath of Mayor Tory's "King Street Closure" Pilot Project had already provoked severe hardships for the Carbone's as it did to many small business owners along the strip. I met Al many years ago, always such an gentleman with a heart of gold.  He called me when Restaurant Row was on schedule to be torn down and Al challenged the Ontario Municipal Board, the decision wasn't overturned but the tear down was delayed.  Closing down traffic on King Street was the second hit to Kit Kat and fellow business owners.  The City were dictating added costs for Patio's and now preventing street parking.  Communities need local restaurants, small shops and local businesses, they add character and a unique dining and shopping experience.  Is it the right decision to "hurt" existing small businesses to move streetcar traffic vehicles better.   Al is known for his famous Ice Sculpture as he lead the way to fight the battle to save "Restaurant Row" .   
Global News Article Ryan Rocca

He arranged a hockey game right in front of  Kit Kat, we all came out to play our famous Canadian Sport on the streets of Downtown Toronto to make a point of saying "Who owns the Streets?"  I played in at game, it was an absolutely wonderful effort of Community Support!  We tried our best to no avail.  The Condo Owners Association Toronto ran a campaign through their websites.  Please view the video, pics and article on this link   Global News Article by Mark Carcasole & Nick Westoll - Ice sculpture gives Middle Finger

As the Police Cruisers beeped their horn in support of Al's attempt to help their Small Business Owners along the strip, the Streetcars had priority to cloud the Street and Restaurant Diners with Smoke!  Business Owners along King Street have put their lives on the line for decades to support the Community.   They were there before the Pilot Project - call it "Squatter's rights".     Now the channel has turned and it's not the Pilot Project shut down, it is Covid!   This fight to survive was far beyond what any business can overcome.     It' sad to see the end of an era, you are a true testament to love and appreciation to your staff, family, friends and all patrons, many who are Toronto Condo Owners here in the City.    I  know how hard you have worked so I want to include a Special Thank you everyone and to all the Reporters ho have helped Al and John through the years. See more articles below and here is the link to the Kit Kat website with Al and John's lovely appreciation letter.

Kit Kat and Al Carbone had to struggle through 3 battles     

Restaurant Row Tear Down + King Street Pilot Shut Down + the deadliest 3rd Covid

Warm wishes and always Al, Cathy, John and the entire Kit Kat Family  

Thank you and God Bless : ) xo

Linda Pinizzotto, DStG
Founder, CEO Condo Owners Association 

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Toronto Sun
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Kit Kat Website

BECOME AN AMBASSADOR OF YOUR CONDO .... LET'S WORK TOGETHER .... GET INVOLVED WITH COA .... EMAIL US TODAY .... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. LETS SPEAK OUT

The Condo Owners Association (COA)   

ALL CONDO OWNERS know your rights and responsibilities  



Condo Owners
File your complaint CAO and/or CMRAO 

CAO - Condo Authority of Ontario   

CMRAO - Condo Management Regulatory Authority Ontario

The complaints can be as a result of a number of difficulties with your Board of Directors and/or Property Management.   Your Condo Corporation budget, expenditures, reserve funds, conditions, the process, the Annual General Meeting, the governance, design,  décor and condition of your Condo Building and on a personal light , You can also report items of concern regarding the operations, governance and accountability. 

Condo Owners no longer need to be kept in the dark, there are avenues available for support.  

1)  Harassment and/or bullied, major concerns not addressed etc. report Board of Directors 
2)  Harassment and/or bullied by Property Manager, report to CMRAO


The Board of Directors Must Comply or Corporation is fined for non compliance

1)  Request Records of the Corporation ie all Financials, Minutes of Meeting, AGM Minutes, 

2)  Board's Response to your Request for Records  If the Board refuses your request you may wish to report this to the CAO Condo Authority of Ontario

3)  Agreement to Access Records   Condo Owners can view records and if they wish a paper copy there may be a small charge   

4)  Future Reserve Fund Spending -
Note ALL Owners, your Board of Directors must advise Owners 


1)  Land Property Records  
2)  Home and Community 

All Condo Owners in Ontario

Owners can also request General Information of the Corporation and Board of Directors 

1) Request General Information of the Corporation               - Information for Owners about their Corporation 
2) Information on Board of  Directors Certificate Update      - Names and Address of Service for their Board of Directors  
3) New Owners Information Certificate                                   - Information for New Owners about their Corporation

Complete and send the above forms to the "Attention of your Board of Directors" 
In most cases this would be via your Property Manager. 
Please ensure you receive confirmation of receipt.

Become a COA Ambassador of Your Condo  


Note:  Changes to the Condo Act

COA is thrilled to work with  (MGCS)  the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and we are delighted to have Bill 106   "Protecting Condominium Owners Act 2015" and the New Condo Management Services Act, 2015   

(CAO)  Condo Authority of Ontario aims to improve condominium living with mandatory training for Condo Directors and as a resource for disputes 

CMRAO  Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario regulates Condo Manager and Management firms licensing, education requirements and compliance.    

Promote your business work with the COA

Develop a Relationship with the COA 


Special Events, working together with COA

If you and your company have ideas for "Special Events, Seminars and Marketing Initiatives, the COA would like to hear your thoughts. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you have any new and exciting ideas to work together 


New Guide to help Condo Owners and Condo Corporations 

The COA has established relationships with various services, product companies and trades to help Condo Owners and Condo Corporations.  We have launched two (2) recommendation Guides to our Website/s.   The companies have shown to offer excellent representation and value for their expertise.  These Guides offer a List of recommended businesses, trades and suppliers.

Condo Owners Guide 

Condo Corporation Guide 

COA Partners and Past Partners 

  1. Allstate Insurance of Canada
  2. International Home & Garden Show
  3. Clorox Canada – Glad
  4. Entire Imaging
  5. Geep Electronic Recycling
  6. Joseph Estate Wines
  7. Vision Quest

Disclosure:  Condo Owners Association accepts no responsibility for any loss or dissatisfaction arising from any use or contractual relationship of services, or purchases to include incentives programs that Condo Owners may experience through Related Services Companies of the Condo Owners Association


Mandatory Provincial Residential Tenancy Agreement

Landlords, Tenants and  Realtors remember to read important information on the new mandatory Standard Lease Form which has come into effect May 1, 2018.

Ontario's Fair Housing Plan and Rental Fairness Act changes include an initiative by the Provincial Government to introduce a new standard lease for private residential leases signed on or after April 30, 2018 including tenancies in:
  1. Single Detached Homes
  2. Semi-Detached Homes
  3. Apartment  Buildings
  4. Condominiums
  5. Secondary Suite - ie basement apartments

Click here to download the new form

For more information and an FAQ, visit the Ministry of Housing


Revisions to the OREA Form 400: Residential Tenancy Agreement (Standard Form of Lease)

OREA revisions to Form 400 in response to the new requirements per the Residential Tenancies Act. The Form #400 revisions are as follows:
  1. Clause 12; first line was revised to identify the lease will be drawn by Landlord on the standard form of lease as per Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) & 
  2. Clause 13; is a new clause for party (landlord and tenant) acknowledgement that there will be a standard form of lease as prescribed by RTA.  All form Clauses were re-numbered thereafter.
  3. Note: The purpose of OREA Form #400 Agreement to Lease - Residential is as a negotiating tool only and the mandatory government standard lease form for landlords is the actual formal lease document.  
  4. Further, three OREA Standard Clauses were deleted due to effects of RTA amendments; OREA Standard Clauses in LEASE/RES Clause 2, 8 & 14

Other Important Information

Please Note:  Standard lease form does not apply to most social and supportive housing, retirement and nursing homes, mobile home parks and land lease communities, or commercial properties. The government will develop separate standard leases to address these other types of residential tenancies.


 Who We are


COA is a non-profit association that promotes great condo living advocates proper governance and regulations to protect all residential, industrial and commercial Condominium Owners and Corporations.


The Condo Owners Association Mission Statement

"To represent and provide leadership to Condominium Owners with a united voice advocating and fostering quality lifestyle, prosperous and sustainable Condo Ownership




Toronto Waterfront Magazine






The Toronto Waterfront Magazine

Partners of the Condo Owners Association COA


Toronto Waterfront Magazine was established in 2003 and the link to Toronto recognized as one of the most successful publications for business leaders.  Keeping awareness amongst the community, developing a strategy to make Toronto forever better today than yesterday drives a strong force with the mission statement of the COA.  We thank you for your kind support and forward to a continued partnership.

Warmest Regards

Linda Pinizzotto, Founder|CEO Condo Owners Association


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COA Ontario has our finger on the pulse

Learn all about Condos: 

Condo Show Podcast


Contact us for more details 




The COA would like to thank I.T. Mayday for their continued support and assistance.  

We are extremely pleased with our COA website.  It has helped our Association tremendously, offering excellent exposure and a vast amount of information.  The  links are perfect and they make it very easy for anyone to navigate not only the COA website but others as well.   We have found that the Government links are very useful especially with the many changes in the Condo World.    

We are very thankful that we continue to attract attention and enjoy your suggestions and various ideas to elaborate on the great benefits of the COA.



I.T. Mayday
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