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Public Policy Forum Lead Condo Act Review 

The Condo Owners Association has submitted their concerns to the Ministry of Consumer Services advising them of the very poor representation provided by the Public Policy Forum.   Ontario’s Ministry of Consumer Services has provided funding to Canada’s Public Policy Forum to lead a public engagement to inform the review of the Condominium Act.  


The Public Policy Forum have based their reports on input from more than over 80% participants of condo service related trades.  They excluded numerous non profit Association who could have offered invaluable input to help Condo Owners.    There are over 1.3 million condo owners yet less than 1%  involvement from Condo Owners.    The Condo Act Review is "flawed" and Condo Owners must review the list of participants and submit their complaint to the Ministry as soon as possible. 


Poor Condo Owners Forced to Pay $25 Million Dollars on new Condo Office

COA believes the proposed "Condo Office" is a provincial government "cash grab".   The Condo Office is a new umbrella organization which would be set up with four ain functions.   See Page 7 of this Report 

Condo Corporations already pay millions of dollars for services and contracts which include a Property Management contract.  Why would they have to pay for the licensing of the trade for condo managers.  The Ministry's attempt at education and awareness is to create website with information and also to consider mandating new Board members on an education program yet what about the thousands of existing Board Members who have never had any proper training. 

The Condo Act Review already substantiated that dispute resolution is a problem because of a number of factors.  In general most condo owners don't want to ostracize themselves in their home by creating an open fight with their Board of Directors. There may only be a select few that are willing to take on that challenge plus the extensive cost factor to the Condo Owner who potentially may have to repay the condominium corporation costs if the dispute is ruled in favour of the Corporation is a huge problem.  The Condo Act needs to have regulatory fining process in place for those who do not abide by the Condo Act, it cannot be self govern and then expect Condo Owners to spend over $25 Million Dollars per year to have another extension to repair the damage that a self governed Condo Act creates.   


  1. education and awareness
  2. dispute settlement
  3. licensing condo managers
  4. maintaining a condo register


See Page 7 of this Report


 Although COA was involved with the  "Consumer Protection Working Group, there was a majority vote with Participants from condo service related trades and the final report is made on a majority opinion.  

Stage One Findings Report of Ontario's Condominium Act Review

 Stage Two report   


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