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Thursday, 10 December 2020 20:04

Restaurants in Toronto

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Support Local Restaurants

Special Tribute to Al and John Carpone, Owners of Kit Kat - King St 

Legendary KIT KAT - CLOSED DOWN !!

Where the Carpone Brothers were graced by the presence of many Celebrities and Royality over the years. 

It is so very sad to think popular "Kit KAT" and Owners Al and John Carpone  fell victim to COVID.  So many
of our wonderful fine restaurants and other businesses have seen the wrath of this horrible pandemic.  
The two brothers have been a fixture in the Community for almost 4 Decades.  Kit Kat was the brother's
identity and through years of hard work and determination they were one of the best Restaurants in the Toronto 

Saying good bye to Toronto has been extremely difficult when Al and his brother spent so many years, it was their
life.  They were the Special light of the Community, customers became friends; friends become family over the
years.  So many lives affected with the closing of Kit Kat Restaurant on King St. West Toronto. 
The King of Struggle is Covid but the wrath of Mayor Tory's "King Street Closure" Pilot Project had already
provoked severe hardships for the Carpone's as it did to many small business owners along the strip. Closing 
down traffic on King Street, added costs for Patio's and preventing parking.  Is it the right decision to "hurt"
existing small businesses to move streetcar traffic vehicles better. 

Small Business Owners have put their lives on the line for decades to support the Community
They were there before the Pilot Project - call it "Squatter's rights"
Shut Down + Covid was far beyond what any business can survive. 

King Street West - Toronto, Ontario 
Tel:  416-977-4461


BIA - Business Improvement Associations 

Thank you to all Business Improvement Association/Organizations (BIA) in Toronto and the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association (OBIAA).  We offer our appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication.   

Ontario Business Improvement Area Assoc. 



Condo Owners Stop Cockroach Infestation

Pest Infestations n Condominiums

Let's Look at The Facts     

Cochroaches lay 2 eggs  hatch 50 - 100 cockroaches  See more on pests

Cockroaches are one of the nastiest and smelliest in the pest community, cockroaches are some of the smelliest, too. Once cockroaches have infested your home, there is an "oily" like musty.  This smell comes when the roaches have colonized and infested your home,  plus there is a smell that dead roaches produce.  Once a cockroach is dead, it releases an acid smell during its decomposition. 

Condominium Boards have a fiduciary responsibility to abide by the Provincial Condo Act and their Corporation Declaration, By Laws and Rules - one of which prohibit unit owners from unreasonably interfering with the use or enjoyment of other owners. 

 A huge problem in condominiums is cockroaches so if the Board of Directors ignores a plague of bugs  in common areas for a extensive time and those cockroaches find their way into Unit Owners suites it would certainly interfere with the people’s “use and enjoyment” of their unit!  Sadly many Condo Boards don't want to admit the blame and prefer to shift the blame to the Owners. 

Section 90(1) of the Condominium Act states that owners are responsible for maintaining their units (unless responsibility for maintenance is shifted to the corporation pursuant to section 91), and section 117 states that no person shall permit a condition to exist if the condition is likely to damage the property so considering infestation of pests, roaches, mice, rats etc.  find their way into the main level common areas of a Condominium Corporation prior to hitting the unit units in a building it stands to reason that all Board of Directors, Property Management Companies and their Property Managers need to address all infestations fast and effectively immediately.  

Individual Condo Board policies do exist, Owners can exercise their rights under the Condominium Act in Ontario which prohibits Condo Boards and Owners from allowing a condition to exist which will cause damage to the property, common elements and the Corporation overall.  If there is a pest problem, they are obligated under Law they are required to report and address it. 

Pursuant to section 17(3) of the Condominium Act, a corporation has a duty to take all reasonable steps to ensure that owners comply with the Condominium Act, Declaration, By-laws, and Rules.

The bottom line:  if a unit owner alleges that there is a bug infestation in another unit which is spreading into her unit, the condominium corporation would have a duty to investigate and notify ALL unit owners.  If the source of the bugs is found to in another unit and that unit’s owner refuses to deal with the situation, the Corporation must take steps to eradicate the source of infestation. Board of Director please

NOTE:  Section 19 gives any person authorized by the condominium corporation the right to enter units upon giving reasonable notice, as long as it is to perform the objects and duties of the corporation or to exercise the powers of the condominium corporation. This would include entering a unit for pest control purposes.    Unsuspecting Owners/Residents find themselves with a huge problem to control in their unit if the other units source is on the same floor, below and above.  Condo Boards and Property Managers escalate the problem with their slow action to mediate the situation by refusing to contract Pest Control services throughout the entire building.   This delay especially once they know the origin and simply do nothing about the building as a whole is a massive issue.   Why would a Board do this intentionally, we have received several statements stating Boards are holding back services on pest control and on chemicals in key areas of the building like the garbage rooms etc. because they wish to save costs on their budgets.  Public Health needs to be advised of this negligence and we recommend that all Condo Owners make a point of requesting full disclosure on Condo Budget in relation to all monies spent relating to Pest Control, chemicals for these key areas.  Many times these costs are hidden in the overall cleaning of the building when in fact it should be a separate item. 

Toronto Public Health has reported a recent increase in bed bugs in the City of Toronto and various other municipalities.  Multi-unit dwellings, condominiums are high-risk locations for cockroaches, mice, rates (rodents), pests, bed bug infestations. and other existing bugs in the City.  If your Condo Corporation Board of Directors has authorized any Pest Control company to spray common areas in the building, in particular your garbage and storage areas, utility rooms, superintendent areas,  back alleys, anywhere in the main levels and underground areas be assure you have the culprits in the building and it will take serious concentrated efforts and several visits from Pest Control companies to gain control.   Sadly most Condo Corporations, Board of Directors and Property Managers delay the action process so by the time a company is called, the roaches, insects, rodents alike will already travel into Owners/Residents suites and the problem has began. 

If there is bug infestation in a unit from another unit, the condominium corporation must investigate. If the source of the bugs was already in the main level of the Corporation and Pest Control was called for those areas they Need to Take IMMEDIATE STEPS to eradicate the source of infestation. 

There is an option to retain services of a dog specially trained to sniff out bed bugs.   


Contact Information

Toronto Public Health
Mon - Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
(closed on statutory holidays)

Contact General
Telephone: 416-338-7600
TTY: 416-392-0658
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emergency After Hours
To report a public health emergency after hours and on statutory holidays. Please ask for the on-call Public Health Manager.
Telephone: 311 (416-392-2489)

Bed Bugs 

Media Inquiries
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ambassador for your Condo Building?

If  you would like to make changes in your building, please consider becoming a COA  "Ambassador" of your building.  We have identified that every Condominium needs an Ambassador to work together with the COA.  There is too much going on behind the scenes in the Condo Buildings with Board of Directors and Property Management.  Owners are still being misrepresented and/or ignored.  Condo Annual General Meetings are still a horror movie, but who are the Villains? Sadly, too often it is the Villains winning the Game and the losers are the Condo Owners.

Condo Owners are easily mislead as they try to surf through these takeovers.  Who can they trust? 

One of the key problems are Proxies!   Proxies should not be controlled by Property Manager or the Board of Directors.   The COA has recommended "Electronic Voting"  of Board Members to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.  Proxies are the #1 problem in Condominiums because proxies are being forged and manipulated!   The Power lies behind the closed doors of Property Management Office so how can a Condo Owner or even a legitimate Board Member compete?  They can't it is that simple, it cannot be done.   If your building has signs of distress you must realize you have to step out of the building for an opinion unless there is hard core evidence of wrong doing.  Even then take the evidence and step out of the building. 

The only solution to this problem is to have a COA Ambassador in each Condo Building!    Contact COA


Associations are Important

Support your Condo Owners Association representing Condo Owners and Buyers. 

There are various Association representation different sectors.  Each and every one are extremely important.  Below is a list of some of the Associations and whom they represent.  

Condo Owners Association (COA)

......represents Condo Owners and Condo Buyers

Ontario Medical Association (OMA)

......represents our Medical Profession

Ontario Teachers Federation (OTF)

......represents our Teachers

Police Association of Ontario (PAO)

......represents our Police Officers  

Condo Owners Guard your AGM Proxy

How Proxies Effect a  Condo Election

Condo Owners please be extremely careful when you turn over your proxy to another person/s, a Condo Manager or Management Company or another 3rd party.   The new licensing standards for Condo Management companies and Condo Managers prevents a Condo Manager in particular from soliciting for proxies either for voting and/or for quorum.   Unfortunately, there is no exclusion at this time to prevent Condo Managers from receiving proxies and/or accepting the position as a proxy holder on behalf of an on-site or off-site Condo Owners who owns within the same Corporation where that Condo Manager represents. 

The New Condominium Act and during the whole review process identified the need for licensing as a result of a thorough research into the industry.   It appears as though more considerations and/or alerts need to be identified and regulated when it comes to Proxy Holders who have a conflict of interest in the voting process if there is a direct involvement with the same Condo Corporation.  

It is imperative for Condo Owners to have fair and honest representation when electing candidates as a Board Members.  Any manipulation relating to proxies and/or conflicts of those holding proxies can influence and control the final results of the elections.  Remember candidates could be elected for up to 3 year terms and it is very difficult to remove Board Members in accordance with the Condo Act.   It is best to ensure that Candidates win on their own merits and legitimate voting process.

Do you know or suspect if your condo building has this problem?  

We would like to hear more from Condo Owners on this subject

Please blog your comments on

Smoking Marijuana in Condos

Marijuana in Condos

Only a few months away, mid 2018 and marijuana is legal but how does that effect condominiums and community living.   Can marijuana be banned from smoking in a Condominium Corporation if Federal Legislation allows people to consumer marijuana recreationally. Condo Boards are within their rights to bank smoking in units if they create a rule for Unit Owners to vote against it.  They can quote concerns on the security and safety of the Owners and/or residents in the building and they can also take this initiative towards the Corporation / Building itself.  For many years since new regulation regarding smoking came into place, there was always health concerns on 2nd hand cigarette smoke along and its negative impact on Real Estate values.  Regulation hit the housing sector and also commercial entities and workplace.  Grandfather rulings when creating a smoke-free policy can create a platform for present owners and/or tenants however if this policy is in place when new Owners or Tenants take possession and/or occupancy they would have to abide by the policy. 

Please bare in mind there are two concerns: 

1) Smoking within the unit 
2) Smoking in common elements around the building.  

* Common elements includes lobby, hallways, stairwell, underground, any of the amenities etc. 

It would be recommended for all Landlords to ensure that they include special clauses in their Lease Agreements to cover a smoke-free environment.  In todays real estate world it is common practice pertaining to cigarettes, it now has to be adjusted to include marijuana or maybe just include a clause to cover any form of smoking substance.  The present Tenant Laws have seen significant changes in the last few months with the introduction of a standardized Lease Agreement in effect as of May 1, 2018.  No doubt the Country is going to see significant changes and possibly legal challenges.   It is important for all to understand that medical marijuana use will be permitted anywhere that cigarette smoking is allowed. 

Ontario asked for your public opinion until March 2018 and the Condo Owners Association (COA) is following up now to hear your thoughts as the whole marijuana issues unfolds.    There will be up to 150 stores run by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario for people 19 years and older.  Private lounges are already underway and set-backs are on radar for school zone areas. 


Let's hear from Condo Owners

How do you feel about recreational pot consumption in the public spaces of your condo and/or in your own condo unit?

If you are a Condo Owner Investor, what precautions would you consider and do you agree with a ban on smoking marijuana in rental units?

Air Bnb on That Channel

Yes or No to Air Bnb ? Condo Owners let's hear from you ;

LIVE ON THAT CHANNEL *  Announcement Media Event by D'Anise Marie

Guest:  Linda Pinizzotto, COA Founder and President 
             Condo Owners Association COA Ontario 

#COAontario and #COAtoronto urges #AirBnB to respect June 1 deadline

“We are deeply concerned that AirBnB and transient rentals in general are not regulated or legislated and believe that without any degree of this form of protection, the safety and security within condominiums may be compromised. Condominiums are personal residences and not hotels, the turnover rate involved with transient rentals affects the operations, operational expenses and value of condominium corporations. The added wear and tear on common elements is a deep concern, contribution levels on reserve funds may not be adequate. We stand behind strong, healthy condominium communities and look forward to proper implementation of regulation and legislation on all aspect to protect Condo Owners.”


As a Condo Owner if you are concerned about ghost hotels, disruptive short-term rentals or the loss of affordable housing stock in your neighbourhood?   Please become a supporter of our campaign.
If you have a story to share, we would sincerely like to hear from you

Air Bnb on That Channel

That Channel is a wonderful forum supporting free speech.  A way to reinvent media since 2004 and featuring Internet Television & Video Productions

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Volunteers Needed


Volunteers Needed

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How to register to Volunteer?

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Volunteer as an Intern with COA 

Excellent opportunity for our Youth and Young Adults to connect with each other and learn about Home Ownership.  The Condo Market is exciting and interesting.

Our founder, Linda Pinizzotto created the Association with a vision for an Internship program to give our young adults and students a hands-on approach to gain life experiences towards an invaluable and rewarding future of understanding value and home ownership.

Why apply to the COA Internship Program

  1. Jump start your future career as a Young Adult in you City
  2. Network and connect with valuable professional business contacts
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Internship Opportunities
Communications and Marketing
Graphics and Design
Human Resources
IT - Information Technology
Marketing and Advertising
Politics and Government Relations
Project Management




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