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The COA is proud to recommend our Sponsor Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams is a one stop paint shop offering a wide range selection of colour tools, incredible paints and stains for all of your needs.  They have over a hundred stores in Canada  Homeowners and professioanals will receive personalized service and expert advice as they search for the products of choice.  There are over 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colours plus you can also customize design the shade to some degree.   

Try out the Sherwin-Williams COLOURSNAP Visualizer   and start painting now.  Explore Color and get inspired you can paint a photo.

COA is provoking changes, developing relationship and supporting goodwill.  We Are Proud of it!   See COA in Wikipedia

  • The Condo Owners Association COA appreciates your Support. 
  • We thrive to help so we have recommended various Services and Trades. 
  • We accept and share the goodwill gesture of various Companies
  • Please enjoy Sherwin-William Special COA sponsored Discounts of products with no obligations  

Click here for the Sherwin-Williams website 

Register for your Discount CONTACT THE COA   

Please include Sherwin Williams in the Subject line of your email 

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If your business relates to the condominium industry, get involved and advertise your business with the COA.  

We have a strong representation for Condominiums and all levels of Government 
  1. A powerful advocacy with a collective voice to consumers and government
  2.  Influential and effective media relations to identify and enhance the operations within condominiums
  3. A wide range of information and opportunities
  4. In-depth industry knowledge and information
  5. Presence in various Stakeholder Groups
  6. Close working relationship with Industry Leaders
  7. Provides a huge potential to promotion your materials
  8. Huge potential to arrange group savings packages and benefits for you
  9. Excellent working relationships across the Country 

Please see list of service providers list below:

Contact us
  1. Accounting
  2. Air Quality
  3. Automotive Alternatives
  4. Auto Services and Rental
  5. Building Service & Sciences
  6. Cleaners
  7. Cleaning Services
  8. Cleaning Services - Ducts
  9. Cleaning Services - Windows
  10. Coach - Life is a Special Event - Carol Moxam
  11. Computer Service & IT Solutions
  12. Condo Digital
  13. Condo Management
  14. Condo Rental Service Groups
  15. Condo Resources
  16. Condo Software
  17. Contractors - Electrical
  18. Contractors - General
  19. Contractors - Mechanical
  20. Design & Décor Services
  21. Door & Lock Services
  22. Elevator Services / Repairs
  23. Energy Services
  24. Energy Services - Efficiency
  25. Energy Services - Electricity
  26. Energy Services - Gas
  27. Energy Services - Water
  28. Engineering Services
  29. Environmental Consulting
  30. Fan Coil Services & Maintenance - Zorzitec ZT
  31. Financial Services
  32. Financial Services - Halton Financial Group
  33. Financing Commercial Loans
  34. Fire Protection
  35. Flooring Broadloom, Carpeting & Mats
  36. Glass Specialty, Custom Design & Replacement
  37. Home Care
  38. Home Finishing
  39. Home Inspections
  40. Home Office Furniture
  41. Home Services
  42. HVAC Heating | Heat Pump
  43. Insurance Condo Building | Suite - Insuranceland
  44. Internet/TV/Phone Services
  45. Financing - Commercial Loans
  46. Financial Management - Halton Financial Group
  47. Landscaping & Gardening Services
  48. Laundry Services
  49. Legal Services
  50. Legal Services - Calvin Barry - Criminal Lawyers
  51. Legal Services - Dolgonos LLP - Paralegal
  52. Legal Services - Real Estate
  53. Lighting Supplies & Services
  54. Maintenance Services - Andelle Maintenance
  55. Mediation/Arbitration
  56. Minute Takers Board Meeting
  57. Mould Detection & Remediation
  58. Moving & Storage
  59. Odour Control - Chemical Relief
  60. Painting, Priming & Sanding
  61. Parking Equipment & Revenue Systems
  62. Parking Management/Cleaning Services
  63. Paving Interlock, Quartz and Stone
  64. Pest Control
  65. Pet Services
  66. Photo Video and Matterport 
  67. Plumbing Services
  68. Real Estate - RE/MAX LP Real Estate Group
  69. Recreation & Fitness Equipment | Repair
  70. Rental & Tenant Services
  71. Restoration Services
  72. Retirement Homes
  73. Roofing
  74. Roofing - Green Energy
  75. Security Services and Technologies
  76. Seniors
  77. Snow Removal Services
  78. Sound Control
  79. Superintendent Services
  80. Video Surveillance Networks - Local Security
  81. Waste Services
  82. Water Proofing & Systems
  83. Websites Sales and Design - IT Mayday


Disclosure:  COA has partnered with these companies on previous events

  • Allstate Insurance of Canada
  • International Home & Garden Show
  • Clorox Canada – Glad
  • Entire Imaging
  • Geep Electronic Recycling
  • Joseph Estate Wines
  • Vision Quest

Condo Owners Association accepts no responsibility for any loss or dissatisfaction arising from any use or contractual relationship of services, or purchases to include incentives programs that Condo Owners may experience through Related Services Companies of the Condo Owners Association


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